August 27, 2020

Luxury Through the Sight of Eichholtz Monobrand Store by Melandas

Jakarta, December 2018 – Founded in 1990 by Theo Eichholtz who searched for unique furniture in antique shops and markets around the world, Eichholtz has been set to create products designed to be specifically unique by drawing inspiration from across the globe. The worldly influence can be seen directly in Eichholtz’s wealth of design in its collection, where diversity is not only displayed through its design style but also through details and material selection inspired by various cultural backgrounds.

Through its years of establishment, Eichholtz has reflected the true definition of luxury through its quality, exclusivity and inspiration, which brought the Netherlands based label as the premium leading brand for furniture products, lighting fixtures, and interior accessories. In the industry of furniture and home décor, Eichholtz has an excellent reputation through its experience of gracing the space of more than 10,000 luxury hotels, renowned restaurants, exclusive clubs, and more.

The possession of diverse design styles in each of its collection contribute the remark of expressiveness to the brand. Eichholtz fits each design with the need and expression of the clients which is attained through creativity. All the products are prudently curated to inspire individuals to be able to build striking designs with products of the same style, or even combine it with other design styles.

With the promise to deliver the finest of ambience and quality, Eichholtz opened up its first monobrand store by Melandas at the Level 3 of Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Onlookers can get a deep insight and gain inspiration while strolling at the beautifully and elegantly set store. A variety of design styles ranging from modern, mid-century, vintage, art deco to classic chinoiseries are available in the store. Visitors are invited to enjoy the atmosphere and to bask in the beauty of the details emanating from opulent Eichholtz collections. They are also taken on mini-trips to enjoy elegant French dwellings, romantic homes in the mountains of Canada, luxury homes in Hollywood, and vintage dwellings in China that are only limited by imagination and creativity. Through the diversity of design styles in its collection, the interior layout of the space with Eichholtz products is rich in detail and character.

The unprecedented refined quality owned by the brand is one of the reasons for Melandas to bring the brand into Indonesia. “Eichholtz has a very complete catalogue, and it has a collection of products that make us see them as a good business prospect. Not only that, Eichholtz also boasts affordable prices while presenting the best quality. We believe that it will soon become a formidable force in the Indonesian market,” explained Veridiana Lim, Director of Melandas.