August 27, 2020

New Collection of Timeless Beauty from Cattelan Italia

Jakarta, July 2020 – Modern and unique designs are two concept that always kept in mind by Cattelan Italia designers whenever they created a collection. This year, with a creativity, emotionality and the desire to go further exploring the soul of the design, Cattelan Italia proudly shares their newest members of their modern novelties. New Keramik and Crystal Art finishes are the timeless beauties that leave people breathless with its details and carefully crafted pattern.

The New Keramik collections are designed with monolithic textures and noble veins build an arabesque of light contrasts, tracing new stylistic horizons which really represent the timeless modern furniture elements.

The Crystal Art Finish by Cattelan Italia is a printing technique on glass that are used as table tops and it allows a large variety of colors and structures. This year, the company launched two new Crystal Art finishes to give more variety to the customers who love an onyx or marble-like finishes on their table.